Sutton is three months old!

Such a happy little boy...

Sutton and his big brother, Zeus. They are never too far apart!

Mommy's handsome boys...
My little man...

We can't belive it! Our little boy is already three months old! Time has really flown! Here are some things that you are doing these days, Sutton...

  • You are smiling ALL the time! You are such a happy baby boy!
  • You have become fascinated with your hands. You hold them out in front of you so you can just stare at them.
  • You also like to hold your thumbs like you've "got your nose". It is so cute!
  • You love to talk to us and tell us everything that is on your mind. When we get hom from work, you are so excited to tell us all about your day! You squeal and gurrgle and stick out your tongue!
  • You have really started to drowl a lot lately. We think you might be starting to teethe. You love to put your hands in your mouth! I think you are wishing you could fit your whole hand in your mouth!
  • You are still taking your baths with Mommy or Daddy most of the time. That is your favorite way to bathe. Sometimes you take a bath in your rainforest bathtub and you do well in there too.
  • You are still sleeping in your bassinet by Mommy and Daddy's bed because Mommy is not ready to move you to your crib yet. She is going to do that when school is out for the summer.
  • You just started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago. I think you are finally on a schedule! You sleep from about 9:45pm to around 5:30 or 6am. Mommy and Daddy are very excited to be getting a full night's rest again...most nights anyway. =)
  • You have noticed your big brother, Zeus, a lot these days. You like to watch him when he runs around in the living room. He loves to give you kisses. Everytime you come home, he is so excited to see you, and when you cry he comes running to your rescue!
  • You now recognize people. You know when you are with your Grandma Kathy, Grandma KK or Papa J. You like to smile at them and talk to them, too! Papa J takes you out to the Boys' Ranch everyday tostay with your Grandma Kathy while Mommy and Daddy are at work. You love staying out there. Grandma Kathy takes you on walk in your stroller and takes you to go visit Papa J sometimes, too! Grandma KK takes one day a week off of work and stays home to play with you. You even get to spend the night with her sometimes, too!

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