First Doctor's Visit

I forgot to post these when Sutton went to the doctor for the first time. His pediatrician is Dr. Wagnon, and we really like him! He is very good to Sutton and very compassionate to us. Sutton did so good at the visit. He is a tough little boy!

Brotherly Love

Zeus loves his baby brother! He likes to lay by him any chance he gets. If Sutton cries, Zeus runs to his rescue! It is so cute!


I finally caught some smiles on camera! Some of them are a little blurry, but it's better than nothing! Sutton is started to smile all the time now! He is going to have such a happy personality!

Texas Tech Fan!

Sutton is a Texas Tech fan, and he doesn't even know it yet! He has outfits and bath towels! Grandma KK just had blankets made for him, too!

Fun Weekend With Friends

Our friends Doug and Raina and there little boy, Chance, came to visit this past weekend. Chance is 14 months old! We can't wait until Sutton is big enough to play with him! They will have so much fun together! Chance is such a cutie, and he really kept us entertained all weekend. Maybe he will teach Sutton some of his dance moves one day! We hope that we can make it a point to see them more often. We had a great time!

Visitors From Minneapolis!

My cousin, Lindsay, and her husband, Josh, came in town to meet Sutton for the first time. They were sceduled to come mid March, but couldn't wait to meet the little guy, so they made a special trip at the end of February!

Fishing Trip

Sutton went on his first fishing trip a couple of weeks ago. Sutton, Grandma KK and I camped out in the back of the truck and watched Daddy and PaPa J do the fishing! It was a nice day, but a little too windy to get out in it for too long!